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Concept: Stichting Stadsboeren

Together with four friends I run Stadsboeren. An organization that makes it possible to start your own small urban farm in Amsterdam. Therefor we use empty lots in downtown Amsterdam and wooden crates to create the small gardens, this way locals can start to grow their vegetables, fruits and flowers right in the middle of the city.

Besides growing greens we believe Stadsboeren also functions to create a better environment in a neighborhood, the empty lots look most of the time like a pile of trash, we turn them into an accessible, green and social point/area in a neighborhood.

Together with locals we organized a festival in september to celebrate local culture and urban farming.

Right now we are situated on the Bilderdijkkade in Amsterdam Oud-West

Stadsboeren website // Stadsboeren facebook

Stadsboeren from Lisette Spiegeler on Vimeo.

Stadsboeren from Lisette Spiegeler on Vimeo. – Camera/Edit: Lisette Spiegeler – Regie: Edwin van den Dungen

IMG_4410 IMG_4405 IMG_4403

387439_468960946478153_1926494779_n 310375_468490483191866_714003442_n DSC_0341


An article in the Amsterdam newspaper ‘ Het Parool’



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